Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions include all our Privacy Policy conditions which may change from time to time. Using (Application Name) and all our related services constitutes your acceptance and legal obligation to these terms and conditions.

Our Services

We provide an online advertising platform along with related services for a nominal fee for two months. This advertising platform is primarily for finding a matrimonial partner, and we publish your information or a consented third party’s information in search of a partner.

About Us

(Application Name) is owned and managed by (Application Name) (PVT) Limited. This is our Eligibility Criteria: In order to avail services from (Application Name), you or the one using it on your behalf must be:

  • 18 years and older.
  • An adult according to the laws applicable to you and the third-party (Should not be a minor); and,
  • Legally competent to marry under the laws applicable to you and/ or a third party.

Content Advertisement

The information and data that will be on the Matrimonial Advertisement will completely be given by you. You will upload the content and images to (Application Name). We retain all rights to delete and remove parts of the content advertisement without prior notice to protect and maintain the safety and ethical protocol of (Application Name).

There will be a watermark on all images uploaded on (Application Name). By this, you can identify and deter the images being used or compromised for purposes apart from what you and the advertiser have authorized.

Conditions Governing the Use of the Website

You have the permission to use (Application Name) for the reasons and purposes detailed in Clause 2.

  1. You are completely accountable for guaranteeing that the content given and uploaded by you for the inclusion on the website complies with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations which they are doing not violate any prescribed rights with a third party or any privacy of information protection rights, as applicable.
  2. You will hastily update information that is inaccurate, and it will be assessed and changed by (Application Name).

Representations and Warranties

By utilizing (Application Name) website and related services, you represent and warrant that: You or the third party on your behalf meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in Clause 3.

  • The third-party on whose behalf you are advertising and uploading images/ content has authorized your doing so.
  • All information and images uploaded on the Matrimonial Advertisement are true, up to date, legally valid, and accurate.
  • You or the third party on whose behalf you are utilizing the services of the website are not banned by the governing laws applicable to each of you or by any prescribed third-party rights to unveil, advertise, certify, and/ or publish your personal data on (Application Name) and/ or authorize such data to be unveiled or printed in the Magazine.
  • You or the third party on whose behalf you are utilizing the services of the website are not banned by governing laws and/ or prescribed third-party rights to consent and permit us to collect, use, disclose, or share personal information and data.


Without your authorization, your personal data and identity (or any third party on whose behalf you utilize (Application Name)) will remain confidential except to the extent given for these terms and conditions or if any obligation comes to make a disclosure:

  • To adhere to the law and regulations; and/ or,
  • To safeguard and instill our rights and the rights of other users of (Application Name).

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy denotes how your personal data are received, used, disclosed, and processed. The website uses cookies and other technologies. By utilizing the services on Application Name, you authorize the receiving, processing, sharing, and disclosing of personal data given by you in line with the Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy for more details.

By using Sikuru7.lk You consent to the collection, processing, using, sharing, and or disclosing of personal information and data provided by You in line with the Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy for details.

Withdrawal and Cancellation of Matrimonial Advertisement

Profile advertisers may unpublish their advertisements any time they wish by themselves. Should they want to delete all personal data and content from our databases, they can request via our contact channels.

The nominal fee for the advertisement is non-refundable unless the user (advertiser) requests a refund within the review period.

Intellectual Property

(Application Name) and its texts, photographs, databases, trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property made and/ or utilized in (Application Name), including without restraint all software, layout, design, graphics, interface, etc. are wholly owned by (Application Name) may be downloaded, stored, screenshotted, republished, or posted without our contractual permission.


We take no responsibility for your utilization of (Application Name). You consent and agree that we will not in any way help answerable or liable to you for any damage, injury, or loss subsequent or occurring out of or which is in any way connected to:

  • Errors on (Application Name) or the content including but not restricted to technical and typographic errors;
    1. Failure to access, utilize, or unreachability of (Application Name);
    2. Your utilization of (Application Name) or the content; or,
    3. Your utilization of software related to (Application Name)


By utilizing (Application Name), you consent and agree to Indemnity and hold inoffensive (Application Name) (PVT) Limited, its directors, staff, and agents from and against all entitlements or actions by third parties and any expenses, damages, costs, including advocate's fees arising from any violation by you of these Terms and Condition including ignorance and unlawful conduct by you in utilizing (Application Name).

Termination and its consequences

This contract will terminate immediately in the following situations:

  • Upon expiry of the advertisement's term, which is eight weeks (2 months); or
    1. Your withdrawal of the Matrimonial Advertisement during the advertisement's term; or,
    2. Because of violation of any of the Terms and Conditions by you or the third party on whose behalf you are using (Application Name’s) services inclusive of any representation or guarantee therein or of any applicable laws and regulations.

Results of termination include our rights to immediately, without notice to you, terminate your access and usage of (Application Name) and remove all your content from our (Application Name). We may rewrite our Privacy Policy from time to time without any notice to you. Nonetheless, the updated Privacy Policy will constantly be updated on the Privacy Policy Page.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of (Application Name) may be amended from time to time at our discretion. The updated Terms and Conditions will be applicable immediately after posting it on (Application Name), and your continued utilization of (Application Name) after the posting will be considered to constitute your acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.