Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my Ad?

You can use the online platform and make payments via your credit or debit card. If you are a resident of Sri Lanka, you can also wire the funds or make a manual bank deposit.

  • Account Number: xxxxxxxx
  • Account Name: xxxxxxxx
  • Bank: xxxxxxxx
  • Branch: xxxxxxxx

Is my online payment secured?

PayHere is an Internet Payment Gateway that provides PCI Level 1 security, which is bank-level security. This payment gateway is also used by companies like Sampath Bank and Stripe Inc. Payment, and card details are not saved in any of the servers as all transactions are one-time.

How long does it take to get my ad approved after I pay?

If you use the online method to make your payment, your advertisement will be approved within 12 hours from the time of payment. If you opt for a wire transfer or manual bank deposit, the ad will be approved within 12 hours of us receiving the payment receipt.

What is the validity period of my ad?

Your advertisement stays live for 56 days from the time of approval. You have the option to re-publish or renew the subscription for another 56 days.

When can I renew my Ad?

Should you wish to re-publish or renew your advertisement, you can process it seven days before the expiry date of your existing ad. The new validity initiates from the time you renew it. Therefore, we advise you to renew it upon the current ad's expiry.

When can I renew my Ad?

We have a 24/7 support group as we have clients who register with us from all around the world. Should you have any queries, please reach out to us on any of the channels below.

  • Phone (from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm): xxxxxxxx
  • Email: xxxxxxxx
  • WhatsApp: xxxxxxxx
  • Facebook: xxxxxxxx

I found a partner. How can I delete my ad?

You can always unpublish your advertisement by clicking on "Edit my Ad". Alternatively, you can contact us on any of the channels mentioned above, and we will proceed to delete your Ad upon confirming with you